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I take pride in delivering to you quality, timely, and reliable service at your business or home. I have serviced Arizona businesses and residents since 1985. With over 25 years of hardware and software experience I am confident in providing a solution to any computer system needs you may have.

System Clean/Tune-up

A thorough System Clean includes software and hardware. I make sure your system has the most current Security Pack and security updates installed for your Windows OS and that you have sufficient hardware to satisfy your use. Malicious software (Spyware/Viruses/Adware) and their root cause are detected and removed. Prevention software is installed to keep your machine as safe and clean as possible.

Custom System Build

Budget, Business, or Extreme Gaming, I can build a system that is right for you. I build to maximize your investment. My budget systems use the most current technologies available ensuring longevity and the ability to upgrade when needed. I won't build a clearance system to make an extra buck. I guarantee a legal and full version of every software installed. My systems are turn-key (delivered, tested, and ready for you to use).

Web Dev/Maint and Search Engine Optimization

Websites are a must for any business today. They are your online business card or brochure in your market. Websites deliver a very cost-effective image of your business to your customers. Use your Web Email to keep your customers informed and receive their input. From Brochure to Online Store I can build a web solution for you with your budget in mind. There is no site too small to create.

Network and Internet

Networks keep you connected and protected. Sharing and/or protecting information and resources is a standard in any office. High-speed internet, office/home Workgroups, or full MS Server installs or configures are services I can provide. Hard wire LAN's or Wireless are all technologies I support.

Hardware Install/Configure

Need help installing or configuring hardware?

Software Install/Configure

Need help installing or configuring software?

Data Back-up/Data Transfer

Need help backing up or transfering data?

Computer and Software Training

Need help learning your computer or software?



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Keep Your Software

List updated: 10/4/2013

Microsoft Windows Update
Windows 8/7/Vista
(is Built-in only)

Windows Update for XP

Current Microsoft Software

Windows 8

Internet Explorer 10
Windows Server 2012
Office 2013 Versions

Current Windows Versions

Windows 8
Windows 7 SP1
Windows Vista SP2
*Windows XP SP3

Current Microsoft Browsers

Internet Explorer 10
(Windows 8/7)

*Suggest using a modern browser for below versions of Windows to take advantage of security and modern web development (html5/css3) but KEEP IE as the default browser.

Internet Explorer 9
(Windows Vista)

Internet Explorer 8
(Windows XP)

Anti-Virus Anti Spyware

AVG Anti Virus

Paid AVG 14.0

FREE Basic 2014.0.4142
September 2013


Spybot Search & Destroy Anti-Spyware

Spybot S&D


Current Common

On the Adobe installation page Uncheck added Installation of software such as Google Chrome or Google Toolbar for IE before clicking Download Now

Adobe Flash Player
Version 11.8.800.175

*Windows 8 is built-in

Be Aware of FAKE Flash Update
Pop-Up Window!


On the Adobe installation page Uncheck added Installation of software such as Google Chrome or Google Toolbar for IE before clicking Download Now

Adobe Reader (PDF)

Windows 8/7
Version 11.0.04

Windows Vista/XP
Version 10.0.02


Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
Mozilla Firefox Browser
Version 24.0

Modern Browser
Windows 8/7/Vista/XP



Version 7 Upd 40

Java may be required for some Web pages or hardware to function correctly

*Always uninstall previous versions thru the Control Panel before installing new updates


Apple iTunes-Safari-QuickTime
iTunes 11.1.1
QuickTime 7.7.3


Modern Browser
Safari 5.1.7